How do I get a library card?
Stop in the library to fill out a library card application. To download and print a library card application, click here. Bring proof of address. A local mailing address and current picture ID are required to receive a card. Library cards are available at no charge to all Bowman City and County residents and include borrowing privileges including up to six (6) books, DVDs, VHS tapes, or books on CD, plus access to OverDrive, our downloadable ebook/audiobook service, and the Online Library Resources as well as Inter Library Loan privileges.

Children under 18 will also need parental permission to obtain a library card.

What is the difference between a Temporary and Resident card?
Living within Bowman County but do not have a permanent address? Don’t have a picture ID with your current address? We have Temporary Borrower cards too. The temporary card will allow you to access all of the same services at Bowman Regional Public Library locations, but a total of only two items may be checked out on your card at any time. Temporary cards expire after three (3) months.

Do I have to bring my Library card to check out books?
Yes. Please have your card on hand for all Library services as its unique barcode guarantees accurate and private access to your record in the statewide library system. A Personal Identification Number (PIN) will be assigned to your new card to provide access to research databases, downloadable books & audiobooks, and your library card account via the Internet.

No library card is needed to use our Wireless internet access, one of our Public Access Computers, or borrow to 10 Honor System books or back-issue magazines.

What is a PIN and how do I get one?
A PIN is your Personal Identification Number. Your default PIN will be your last name.

If you applied for your library cards prior to December 15th, 2011, you’ll need to call or stop in the library so we can update your information and add your record to the statewide system.

How long may I keep the items I’ve check out?
A library card includes borrowing privileges including up to six (6) books, DVDs, VHS tapes, or books on CD, plus access to OverDrive, our downloadable ebook/audiobook service, and the Online Library Resources as well as Inter Library Loan privileges.

How do I renew my items? How many times can I renew them?
Most Library materials may be renewed once, providing there are no outstanding requests for the items. You will need your library card to renew items in person, by phone or by using the online catalog (soon!).

What should I do if I lose my library card?
If you have lost your library card, please contact the Library right away. Call us at 701-523-3797 or stop in. You are responsible for all materials checked out on your library card, so treat it as you would a credit card. Once the lost card is cancelled, a new card may be obtained with photo ID.

How much are overdue and lost item fines?
$.25/day for books, books on CD and non-fiction DVDs. $1.00/day for fiction DVDs. If the material is not returned within a designated period, a bill will be sent or emailed for the material with the cost of replacement of the material and a service charge for processing, cataloging and postage. Users who have been sent an overdue notice shall be denied borrowing privileges until those overdue materials are returned or paid for if lost and/or damaged.

Can the Library email me when my items are due?
Yes. Provide the Library with your email address and we will notify you via email.

Can I return my books after hours?
Yes. There is a book drop located at the front of the Library building.

What should I do if I returned a DVD or CD and forgot to put the disc in it?
When any DVD or CD is returned to the Library, we check the case to make sure that the discs are undamaged and in the correct case. If you forgot to include the disc in the case, please bring the disc to the Library, and we will see that the disc is put in the correct case. If the disc is returned undamaged and by its due date, there will be no fees.

What should I do if I lose or damage an item owned by the Library?
If materials are damaged so as to be judged by the Library as being unsuitable for the collection, the user must pay the replacement cost of the item.

How can I show my art at The Library?
Contact our Library Director for more information.

How can I reserve a meeting room?
Call or Contact the library to reserve a room.

How can I submit feedback to the Library?
Use our contact form.

Does the Library have a public FAX machine?
FAX machine is available. The Library may send, but not receive FAXs. $1.00 per page. Ask your librarian for help with this service.

Does The Library have a copier?
Copying services are available at the library for small, limited jobs. Copies are $.10 per page. Double sided copies are $.20 per page. Black & White only. Ask your librarian for help with this service.

Does the Library have a document scanner?
The Library has two document scanners.

How do I use the Library’s public computers?
The library has 10 public access computers. There is no charge for using the computers and a library card is not required. Internet use is offered in thirty (30) minute sessions on a first-come, firstserved basis; each user is allowed one session–if there is no patron waiting for the service at the end of a session, the user can have another session, but once having had the service for 30 minutes the user must abandon use of the Internet if another patron requests use of the service.

Parents of minor children must assume responsibility for their children’s use of the library’s Internet service; prior to being granted access to the Internet, anyone under 18 years of age, along with a parent or guardian, must sign the Internet Use Agreement. All
users must sign the log-in chart prior to beginning their session.

Can I print from the Library’s public computers?
At this time the desktop computers allow printing. Printing costs are $.10 per page. Black and White printing only.

Can I print from my laptop in the library?
The Library has free wireless internet access to users with their own computer through three hotspots within the library. The Library’s wireless network is not secure. Choose StageNet-BowmanLib from your menu of available networks. This network does not require a password. Library staff cannot assist you with your computer. There is no provision for printing from the wireless network. Your use of the Library’s wireless network must adhere to all Library policies. This network is filtered.

How do I search the catalog?
Click here or use the SEARCH link on the navigation bar.

How do I place an Inter Library Loan?
Talk to your Librarian. We can help you find information about a title, subject or author you are seeking. There is no charge for Inter Library Loans. The library utilizes donations to offset the cost of postage and mailing supplies. Please consider donating $3 for each ILL you receive.

How do I sign up to Volunteer?
Contact the librarian.

When is Story Time for  preschool aged children?
Story Time is Wednesdays at 10:30 AM during February-April, June-August, and October-December. Story Time takes a break for the months of January, May and September.

Did you know that the Library… ?

  • Has a weekly Children’s Story Time.
  • Partners with the local Lions club, District Rotary Club, Prairie Rose Art Association, North Dakota Council on the Arts, North Dakota Humanities Council, Pioneer Trails Regional Museum, County Extension, Dickinson State University and North Dakota State Library.
  • Has 101 Magazine and Newspaper subscriptions.
  • Has received donations from the Oil Energy Golf Tournament, Bowman Chamber of Commerce, and Bowman Education Association.
  • Has a weekly Quilting group.
  • Is one of the sites for the Theodore Roosevelt Center kiosk.
  • Is the meeting place for “Butterflies” – a support group that meets monthly.
  • Is a popular stop for tourists.
  • Has plans for a motorcycle display during the Sturgis Bike Week.
  • Is open 43 hours per week.
  • Is indexing the Births, Deaths & Marriages from the Bowman County Pioneer.